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Kendall Karson video – Naughty lesbian kittens

Another fresh week and time for one more Kendall Karson video to be brought to your screens today. It seems that the naughty brunette porn star has returned to her old ways and she has another hot lady just like beautiful Sandy joining her in this video scene. The lady in question is a super sexy blonde and she wants to have as much lesbian fun as possible with Kendal today. And naturally you get front row seats to the whole show as you will see these two have sweet sex. So let’s get this show on the road and see what the two sexy vixens have for you.

As the cameras start to roll, you can see that the two have already begun their fun. And miss Kendall is currently getting her cunt worked on as she sits on the counter lying on her back with her legs spread open as the cutie licks on her pussy. And she continues to lick that wet and horny pussy until Kendall cums and orgasms. For the remainder of the scene you get to see them as they kiss and caress one another’s hot bodies passionately just for you. Also don’t forget to check out Kendall’s past updates everyone. You won’t regret it.

Kendall Karson – Fucking Jessy

Well, as always, when a new week begins, we come back with an update. Today, Kendall Karson videos is the name of the game yet again and the smoking hot woman is after some more hard cock. For this superb video scene she got herself another man and she intends to fuck his brains out for the whole afternoon today. The guy in question is named Jessy and she had the fortune to come across this stud with a big cock at a bar earlier today. And since he caught her eye she decided to take him back to her place for some nice and hard cock riding sessions. And you can bet that she wasn’t about to let him go until she was thoroughly satisfied with his performance.

She sprung her trap and in no time she had him under her spell and ready to take him back. And as soon as they reached her place, this sizzling hot lady locked the door behind them so that they wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone, and so she took him straight to the bedroom as she kept undressing him. And once there she throws him on the bed as she also takes off her panties and mounts his big dick to ride on it today. So just sit back and watch her tight cunt get thoroughly pumped this time as she rides that big dick fast and hard for your enjoyment everyone. As always, enjoy the show and do come back next week for more scenes of her! If you liked this update check out site and enjoy watching another hot internet model fucking and sucking big dicks!

Rough fuck after massage

Hi there once more guys and gals. Today the smoking hot lady has one more Kendall Karson porn scene for you. And in this scene, this little lady gets to role play. That being one of her favorite things to do. So she takes the role of this sexy and sensual masseuse, and today she has one of her regular customers coming for his weekly massage from this beauty. And one thing you should know, is that this horny masseuse always likes to give her clients a unforgettable happy end after each session that she does for them. That being the reason why this stud is a regular client at this parlor. So let’s not waste anymore time and see what this horny woman does.


The scene itself, begins with the dude coming in for his massage and lying down on the massage table. As soon as he does that, this sexy beauty begins to do her work as she starts to work out all of the tension of his body. And when she’s just about done, she tells him that she missed one spot but that’s going to take some extra special treatment. And the guy knows what this means. It means that she’ll be also massaging his cock with her eager pussy. So watch Kendall riding that big dick fast and hard to the delight and joy of the dude. It’s no wonder why he always comes back for more of her services really. Well enjoy it as always and do come back next week for more! Until then you can visit website and have fun watching another hottie fucking huge cocks!

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Kendall Karson – Alone at home

It’s time for us to deliver some more Kendall Karson porn scenes and this sexy woman has more goodies to show off. In this hot scene, it seems that the horny and hot brunette found herself home alone once more. And since she was getting rather bored she decided that the best way to spend the whole afternoon was to have one more superb self pleasing session as you’d get to see her fuck herself once more. She seems intent on showing you that she can satisfy herself and please her cunt today for your viewing pleasure.

For her solo scene this time, she doesn’t even bother to show off one of her sexy outfits anymore as she simply goes and takes her seat on the white leather couch all naked this time. And well she teases you a bit before hand but she then spreads open her legs to show you her pink pussy in all it’s horny and sexy hungry beauty. So watch her as she pleases herself finger fucking her cunt and rubbing it as she knows that you guys are watching closely. So enjoy it and you know the drill. We’ll be back next week with even more of her content. If you liked this cutie check out blog and enjoy watching another hot model spreading her juicy pussy for you!


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Fucking on the black couch

Another fresh week and time for some more fresh Kendall Karson videos to be delivered to you guys today. For this awesome movie clip you get to see your favorite brunette porn star taking some hard cock in her pussy. If you thought that this sexy woman was just about pussy all the time you’d be severely mistaken. She loves cock just as much as any straight woman every now and then. But she just happens to think that other ladies to a better job at satisfying her eager pussy. So let’s just see what this was all about shall we?


She went to a nice and popular club tonight. And that’s where she got this hot stud to follow her back home. For tonight she decided that it was about time to let a dude fuck her and she was thinking about all the sexy times she;d get to have with him. And so after seducing him and taking him back to her place, you can see her taking his and her clothes off quickly as she couldn’t wait for that cock any more. Watch the dude bend her over as he fucks her doggie style on that black leather couch and enjoy the show everyone! And if you liked it check out website and have a great time watching another hot internet model getting her tight pussy hammered by big cocks.

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Kendall Karson – Purple lingerie vixen

Today is a very special day. As this time your resident sexy and horny porn star returns with some more superb scenes for you to see. And for today it’s a hot solo session as you get to see this hot brunette spend some quality alone time with just her body and the cameras she adores to play with herself just like hot ElliNude. She decided that today you’d get to know her superb body a little bit better as she’d do her little exhibition and please her cunt. So just sit back, and without further due, watch and enjoy the smoking hot brunette’s show for this week’s update.

The scene starts off and Kendall makes her entry wearing a nice and sexy outfit for you once more. It was composed of a black lingerie set, her black fishnet stockings and a pair of cute, pink high heels. She poses around and parades her amazing body as she wants you to get a good long look at her curves, and then takes her deserved spot on a black leather couch with her bra removed. Watch her playing around with her tits for a bit just to tease you some more and then see her rubbing and finger fucking herself fast and hard. Enjoy!


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Kendall and Brett Rossi

For this week’s Kendall Karson pics update the stunningly sexy and hot porn star returns with even more content for you to see. Today’s guest porn star is named Brett Rossi and miss Rossi is just as sex hungry as Kendall, so the two of them had perfect synergy in this scene as they’d get to share a lesbian scene for today. Both women were wearing some nice and sexy fishnet swimsuits that didn’t leave too much for the imagination as they revealed quite allot of their superb curves even as they were prancing and posing around to entice you.


As the cameras start to roll, the two sexy beauties make their entry to the scene and you can tell by their faces that these two aim to have as much fun as possible today in regards to their eager and hungry cunts. The first one to take the turn of being fucked is Kendall, and you get to see her sit in a very weird position as her fuck buddy for the afternoon goes hard style on her pussy with a dildo. And you can see the sexy porn star fucked until she orgasms and cums. But then it’s her turn to fuck the other lady and she intends to repay her in kind. Check out blog and enjoy watching other horny lesbians fucking!

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Kendall Karson – Hotel room fun

Hey there once more everyone, today we bring you a hot and superb scene featuring more Kendall Karson videos with your favorite brunette porn star. As you can probably figure out by now, this hottie is always joined by some friends that also happen to be fuck buddies and she always enjoys their company as she gets her pussy pampered as much as she wants. For this scene she gets another gorgeous brunette who is looking just like Christy Mack and a blonde and the three of them go to a private hotel suite to have their sexual fun for the afternoon into the early evening. Again the group of horny women will make use of all of their available sex toys to have some fun and you get to see it first.

The sexy women decided to settle on the hotel room as it would offer all the private luxuries that they’d need to have and privacy that they needed to have their little lesbian fuck fest for today. As usual you know that Kendall and all of her female buddies just love wearing superbly sexy outfits and they did so once more today. And as the scene starts they take their spot on the bed as the only thing that they left on themselves, were their stockings and high heels. So just sit back and watch them fuck one another’s pussies with some dildos and enjoy the sex scene for today everyone. We will return next week with some more fresh content for you. Bye bye!


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Hot lesbian encounter

Hey there guys, today your superb little brunette lady returns with some more fresh Kendall Karson videos for you to see. And just like last week, this sexy little lady asked for some help from some of her other female buddies. The set for this nice and hot little video is Kendall’s little outdoor Jacuzzi and pool, so the trio would get to have their little fuck fest outdoors this fine day today. You will get to see this superb group of sexy women as they go about and please one another’s wet cunts for you today.


As the hot scene starts off, you can see them all dressed up in some nice and very hot bikinis. And you can read on their faces that they aim to have some girl on girl fun this afternoon. They quickly remove those swimsuits to get into the hot water and start playing with their favorite sex toys. And straight from the beginning you get to see them do a nice little sex train, as one lady gets fucked by a big black dildo shoved in her pussy by Kendall and Kendall herself gets fucked in turn by the last woman. So enjoy it and see you next time! Wanna see other beautiful internet models showing off their goodies? If you do, visit the site! Enjoy!

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Kendall Karson – Fetish lesbian threesome

Kendall is a very sexy brunette and this fine day she brings you some hot and sexy Kendall Karson porn scenes. She wants to deliver to you some very hot and enticing scenes every week from now on and she’s starting doing so from today. But for her debuting scene she’s not alone, she’s joined by two very close friends of hers that will help her, and the trio of hot women will engage in some hot lesbian scenes today. You will get to see these three hotties have sexual fun in front of the cameras as you watch them.

So let’s get this show started. The three horny women have only one vibrator though, and they have to be good little sex hungry sluts as they need to share it between them today. And so, the lady with the dark brown hair and petite body takes the toy as Kendall and her other friend close their pussies to one another. And so the dildo gets shoved between their wet cunts as it starts to please them. And the two also repaid the third lady in kind as they took the time to fondle her body while they were linking her cunt! If you wanna see other beauties getting wild, enter the Hot Wife Rio blog! Have fun!


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